Youthful Skin Without Worry: Banishing Botox Myths


Aging is a fact of life and looking older is a natural side effect. That does not mean that mean will allow it to happen without a fight. The sad fact is that lotions, serums, and facial scrubs have their limits. They can reduce fine lines and make the skin softer and more supple. Facial peels, drinking water and avoiding the sun also help people to look a little more youthful. Unfortunately, there is a point where these products and tips will no longer provide the level of benefit that people want. This is when the decision has to made about using a cosmetic treatment or accepting the sagging and wrinkles.

Choosing Invasive Procedures

A surgical facelift is the most dramatic option available and usually leads to impressive results. The skin will continue to age normally and, depending on the age and skin quality of the recipient, the result may begin to fade within a few months. A limited amount of follow-up procedures is possible without negatively affecting the appearance. The surgery does have an infection and bleeding risk and recovery can take several weeks or months. Neck, forehead and eye lifts may also be needed for a completely youthful look.

Opting for Treatments

Laser treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion do help. The results with these services will usually leave the skin looking and feeling better. These procedures eliminate fine lines, remove dead skin and erase many scars and dark spots. The problem is that none will eliminate deep lines and wrinkles.

Deciding on Injections

Injectable fillers and products like Botox are the least invasive treatments for sagging, wrinkled skin. The result is instant and there is no downtime or lengthy recovery period to worry about. Botox relaxes the muscles and removes wrinkles when applied. It may also help to permanently reduce wrinkles with repeated use.

Many people have refused to try Botox because of risks factors that do not really apply. Botox has been proven to be safe and is being used by doctors for many medical problems including overactive perspiration, to treat migraine sufferers and for overactive bladders among many other issues. Visit to learn more about Botox and discover why people should not fear the beneficial treatment.

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